French Prayer Bench ~ 18th Century

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39H x 52W x 35D

Location: Dallas


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18th Century French Choir Bench was meticulously hand-crafted from dense, old-growth white oak, and is a testament to the abilities of the artisan who created a beautifully scrolled framework with exceptional detail.  Two seats in front served as pews, and originally a fitted knee cushion would have been placed on it.  The seat lifts up to allow for standing room.  Fully carved on one side and on the face of the inside, it was left unadorned on the opposite exterior as it was designed to be placed perpendicularly against the wall.  Two subtly designed hymnal and bible book compartments are accessed with tilt-up doors.  Ideal for wedding ceremonies!

Circa 1750s

Measures 39H x 52W x 35D