19th Century French Renaissance Barley Twist Dessert Buffet in Stripped Oak

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39.5H x 45.5W x 17.5D

Location: Dallas


19th Century French Renaissance Barley Twist Dessert Buffet is an intriguing piece that represents a brief period in French history wherein marble tops were eschewed in favor of wood.  However, marble could not be denied as the superior surface for serving cheeses and chilled desserts, as the natural coolness of the stone kept the foods cool longer.  Therefore this ingenious solution ~ cover the Carrara marble insert with a wooden top carved with a gadrooned edge and hinge it on the back so it could be propped up when in use, then lowered for the majority of the time to hide that "undesirable" marble top!  These days, when marble tops epitomize luxurious and elegant furniture, it is hard to imagine such a sentiment, yet nevertheless there it is!  Hand-carved from solid old-growth oak, it features a gadrooned top edge and lower shelf edge, with a middle shelf which creates three surfaces, all held up with four barley twist columns for an open effect.  Two drawers flanked by rosettes and carved with lions' heads for drawer pulls flanked by foliates in bas relief provide additional convenience and storage.  Professionally stripped using our proprietary non-petrochemical process to reveal a natural finish that is extraordinarily pleasing to the eye!
Circa 1860s
Measures 39.5H x 45.5W x 17.5D

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