Dutch Collector's Cabinet ~ 18th Century Renaissance Style

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69.5H x 53W x 19D

Location: Dallas


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18th Century Dutch Renaissance Cabinet is an unusual combination of exquisite craftsmanship, open shelving, cabinetry and timeless architecture!  Hand-carved from old-growth oak, it features a Grecian style crown with Delft tiles inset into the backsplash just underneath.  Two tiers of lavishly carved cabinets are flanked by open shelving with concave shapes to minimize the impact on your floor space while providing exceptional storage and display opportunities!  Designed for a collector of Delft porcelains, it features a special drop-down upper cabinet that is opened by simultaneously rotating the pulls in an ingenious display of 200 year old craftsmanship and technology!

Circa 1780s

Measures 69.5H x 53W x 19D