19th Century French Gothic Armoire

2006-9124 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

61H x 62W x 23D

Location: Dallas


19th Century French Gothic Armoire is an unusual size, being almost five feet square.  The size makes it perfect for top floor rooms that have slanted roof configurations, or for under staircases.  An ideal choice also for the family room since you can put a big flat panel TV on top and everyone in the room will be able to view the screen with ease!  Hand-crafted from solid planks of oak, it features eight linenfold panels on the doors, that are hinged such that they open wide, making it ideal for a game room entertainment center.  The depth makes it good for extra closet space; please ask about installing a closet rod if so desired for that purpose.  The Gothic style dates back to the mid-12th Century and has enjoyed revivals in every century since!
Circa 1880s
Measures 61H x 62W x 23D