19th Century Italian Renaissance Commode

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43H x 52W x 22D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century Italian Renaissance Commode is resplendent with sculpted figures, lions' heads and elaborate foliate in glorious relief across the entire facade.  Hand-crafted from solid walnut to last for generations, it features multiple tiers of bold molded detail, especially the base which provides a sturdy platform for the exquisite sculptural facade above.  A pair of cherubs in full relief serve as guardians on each side of the facade, posed over carved corbels.  Above the cherubs appear intriguing foliate designs rather than the more mundane rosettes that normally would be used.  But it's the drawers that truly steal the show!  The top drawer is unique, centered with a rosette and flanked by mirrored foliate sprays emanating out from the center and on the sides radiating back towards the center.  The two lower drawers which are larger, are each centered with a bold lion's head with ring in its mouth to serve as a pull.  The lion's heads are set in a circular frame flanked on both sides by mirror image relief carvings of incredible detail depicting a variety of expressions of classical acanthus leaf foliage.  Truly a timeless classic!
Circa 1850s
Measures 43H x 52W x 22D (width is measured at the floor at the back of the piece)