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Antique French EngravingAs many of you that know, from the very beginning of our business over 23 years ago, my husband John and I are the only buyers for our two large antique showrooms, including our online antique store. We personally select each and every item that we bring to our stores in the USA. We have never relied upon anybody else to pick these items while we amassed our incredibly definitive collection of time-honored relics. This explains why our merchandise has remained so consistent over the decades in its quality, beauty, and value!

It is a joy to share our antique shipments ~ containers brimmng with centuries of treasures ~ with you, our clients. The opening of each crate brings with it inspiring, transforming ideas, creative design solutions and the storied legacy of the past. Each hectic buying trip brings new surprises and rewards that we are always so thrilled to share! As we are getting ready to unpack and tag our latest shipment arriving in the next couple of days in Dallas, I wanted to impart some of the highlights of the buying trip…

Belgium Wisteria Storefront

The spring was bursting out in blooms everywhere during my travels, and to my amazement I discovered original works of art that were also blooming on canvas! The talented painters who rendered these many works have captured spring and the sheer beauty of nature so eloquently, with such artful expressiveness.

Antique Painting

Antique Painting

Antique Painting Antique Painting

Can you imagine my surprise when I found this spectacular “Wisteria” painting after seeing it bloom all around us during our stay? We have wisteria growing on the wall behind our apartment in Europe and just down the street is this charming Bed and Breakfast, called “Wisteria house”.  Enjoy the view!

Belgium Wisteria Storefront

Belgium Wisteria Storefront

Take a closer look at this grand, important signed work by listed artist Louis Loncin from late Impressionism, circa 1910. The artist loved the natural surrounding of the Ardennes, which he portrayed with such depth of movement and emotion. We love the soft colors, textured brushstrokes and graceful romantic tones of this wonderful artwork, survived in its original period frame which is also in excellent condition.

Antique Painting

Antique Painting Antique Painting

Antique Painting

We just adore sharing tales of our trips, the history of our finds, and find the perfect venue during our open houses and container unloading events. We are uniquely involved in every aspect and element of sourcing for both huge showrooms, utilizing an accumulated quarter of a century’s worth of European contacts. We love applying our experience with careful restoration and our continuing education in history and art. I think, however, the most driving ingredient of our quest is our passion for what we bring to our galleries, and the joy and love that art and antiques embody once they enter your home ~ and even you heart!

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  1. Pamela's Gravatar Pamela
    June 5, 2014    

    I have you on Pintrest and Facebook. I just love your antique’s and how you show them. I said in the past its how I dream heaven to look

    • June 7, 2014    

      Thank you so much, Pamela! I am grateful and humbled by your kind remarks and I wish that we all strive to find heavenly beauty in this world.

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