2012 Cattle Baron’s Ball

antique letter engravingThis weekend we had the pleasure to attend the 2012 Cattle Baron’s Ball at storied South Fork Ranch which is the setting for the new version of the hit TV show Dallas. The wet weather did not dampen the crowd’s generosity~ the live auction at the event raised a record amount in the fight against cancer.  Considering the size of the event and harsh conditions on the ground with slushy roads and unending rain the organizers of the ball did a sensational job of erecting tents, covering walkways, creating boardwalks and bringing in truckloads of hay to combat the ark-building rain.

Entrance to Cattle Baron's Ball 2012

grand luxe cattle baron's ball

Blake Shelton performed solo, playing his acoustic guitar, because the newly erected stage could not handle the mud factor with the load of his band and their equipment (the fancy original outdoor stage built in a rustic wilderness style had to be abandoned because of the rain).  We were treated to in effect an intimate, private concert while the rain beat down on our huge tent.  Shelton persevered, belting out one ballad after another, skillfully strumming his guitar (that he claimed before he started: “I am not a guitar player at all”.)

Blake Shelton Solo Concert Unplugged at Cattle Baron's Ball 2012

Live Auction at Cattle Baron's Ball 2012

The Ewings at Cattle Baron's Ball 2012Cowgirls Getting in the Winning Bid at Cattle Baron's Ball 2012

Our friends Carolyn and Bryant Tillery, my husband John and I braved the elements trucking through the vast fields of mud, just like we were back in the Wild West.  Despite all the inclement weather we had a great time with great company, gourmet country barbeque, and superstar entertainment.  Come to think of it, the rain did make the experience that much more memorable!  (There was a last minute change in my attire as I opted not to wear fancy Texas hand-crafted Cowboy boots ~ luckily that morning I found a pair cowboy rubber boots that were a godsend for this soggy occasion!)

Carolyn and Bryant Tillery at Cattle Baron's Ball 2012John Stewart and Bryant Tillery at Cattle Baron's Ball 2012Carolyn Tillery & Inessa StewartInessa's Mud-Soaked Rubber Cowboy Boots at Cattle Baron's Ball 2012Carolyn's Mud-Soaked Dress & Boots at Cattle Baron's Ball 2012

Our hats are off to the generosity of the Dallas/Fort Worth area attendees who raised over $800,000 in the live auction segment alone, which is not counting the silent auction, big board auction, proceeds from the raffles and of course admissions.  We won’t know the total amount until maybe next week, but you really have to hand it to those big-hearted Texans, who braved the elements and gave generously to the benefit of many area cancer research based charities.

Muddy Fields at Cattle Baron's Ball 2012 Of course, we were at South Fork Ranch, and true to legendary Dallas style, even JR Ewing (Larry Hagman) made an appearance along with his son, John Ross Ewing III (Josh Henderson) to help raise money.  That definitely livened up the crowd!  The theme of the ball this year was “Give cancer a Boot” – and they did just that combining amazing performing talent, all the lovely auction offerings and imaginative contributions.  The Cattle Baron’s Ball 2012 was a triumph for charity ~ not even monsoon-like weather can keep these Cowgirls and Cowboys down!

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