Antique Bargain Brocante of the Week ~ Antique French Writing Desk

Antique French EngravingThe antique writing desk for most of its time was a place of reflection, a space where one could pen long, heartfelt letters to a dear friend. Today we mostly use this type of antique furniture for laptops, quick meals, and as side tables.

In the case of this antique hand-carved desk, you can do all those things while sitting at a beautifully painted patina finish top, enjoying the history of the past and versatility of the present. What makes this lovely desk even sweeter is its Bargain Brocante price!

Antique Furniture Antique Writing DeskJust click the photo to go to our website and see this lovely item and many others, including the two cute chairs in this photos. They are are also an amazing deal, directly from France at wholesale prices.

Antique Writing Desk Table

If you’re looking for a desk that doesn’t have the typical visual weight, this Antique Painted Writing Table is for you!  Rounded edges are “space-friendly”, and pair of drawers adds just enough functionality and ample storage for the 21st century home office or study.  The elegant scrolled and carved legs with the stretcher add stylistic flair, a painted accent details and authentic metal wheels add a dash of pizzazz. Because of its versatile size, you can use this desk as a sofa table or small kitchen dining table for two if you prefer. (2402-39478)

Antique ChairThese 19th Century French Neoclassical Painted Chairs makes a great choice for a more elegant room, or perhaps a desk chair or just a convenient, attractive occasional chair for any room!  Neoclassic styling includes arbalette seatback crown, with subtle spiral ribbon and acanthus rosette accents.  Painted finish has achieved a lovely patina over the past century.Antique Chair

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  1. Alice Paul's Gravatar Alice Paul
    September 17, 2015    

    It’s a remarkable selection of antique French writing desks. The design and color are also very nice. Like your post. Great wok. Keep it up.

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