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antique letter engravingThe timeless beauty of antique furniture is truly inspiring and is a guiding element in many homes’ interior decor.  This exceptional pair of antique 19th century French Bonnetiers is no exception. Hailing from the storied shores of Normandy and exuding the unmistakable charm of Country French style.  These antique French petite armoires were originally designed to store hats and bonnets.  At the time of their creation, the hat was a crucial part of daily attire, but leave it to the French to create something so charming to house a daily necessity.  It is a rarity for this amazing pair to survive together, as pairs so often get separated. It is a privilege to acquire and live with such treasures of Country French romantic history.

Pair of Antique Normandie Bonnetieres

No, your eyes do not deceive you! This is a true pair of Country French antique bonnetiers, rendered by the talented artisans of Normandie from the preferred indigenous French white oak to last for generations. Aside from the full relief cartouche depicting a floral bouquet in a basket which is a trademark of the region, each displays wonderful demilune trim around the raised panels above and below, with more flowers and foliates adorning the center framework and lower apron. Doors open to reveal surprising storage. Perfect for adding Country French antique symmetry to your decor! Circa 1840s.

Pair of antique Normandie Bonnetieres

With a warm patina and exuding Provencal charm, this pair of antique Country French Bonnetieres will bring the timeless beauty and resilience of century old antiques to any interior.

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