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he era of Louis XIV left a heritage of magnificent antique furniture, and this amazing antique buffet is a perfect example of this exceptional splendor.  The French ebeniste of this period created most lavish antique commodes and consoles, but those efforts were not enough, as the royal’s appetite for new furniture inventions demanded of a new kind of furniture.

Antique Buffet Louis XIV Style

First it was small cupboards lavishly adorned with marquetry and ormolu and then, a casework masterpiece, the glorious buffet.  Initially the word La Buffet referred to mostly Country French buffets made in the rural provinces of France, but in French court aesthetics trumped utility, so the ornaments of marquetry and opulent gilded bronze were lavished on buffets.

Antique Buffet Louis XIV Style

This opulent Louis XIV-inspired display buffet is crafted from exotic imported mahogany and fitted with exquisite cast bronze ormolu mounts for the utmost in French styling! Rounded sides are glazed to show off your collectibles, and the top is comprised of perfectly beveled and contoured marble for the epitome of graceful entertaining. Bold bronze ormolu mounts add a sublime touch.

In the 19th century during the height of the Industrial Revolution, Paris became a center of creative genius in both furniture design and manufacturing. Dazzling dining room suites were produced to furnish Napoleon III style châteaux.

This particular grand antique buffet owes its styling origins to these eras of inspiring creativity.

Antique Engraving Flourish

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