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French AntiquesCollecting sets us on the road of antiquing and the incurable collector looks for the perfect pieces of antique furniture to house his or her assemblage of acquired treasures.  I think this piece was built almost two centuries ago for just such an enthusiastic soul.  Creating a striking vignette display is easy in a perfectly fashioned piece of furniture by using a wealth of antique accessories, juxtaposing transferware, pewter, old books and antique art for added dimension ~ creating an ideal collector’s tableau.

Antique Bookcase 1

Antique Bookcase 2Antique Bookcase Collage

Gracefully executed in the preferred medium in Northern France ~ dense, old-growth French white oak ~ this elegant buffet a deux corps was meant to display a family’s prized collection above and store their everyday dishes in the buffet below, behind exquisitely carved solid oak depicting the abundance of which nature has blessed the rolling hills of Normandy. The interior of the upper tier was painted long ago in the soft patina of Country French blue to highlight the treasures displayed within, framed by the intricately glazed forty-pane display above ~ all of original hand rolled glass. Crowned with dentil molding and chamfered raised panels below and adorned with large and small rosettes, this antique French Louis XVI bookcase adds functionality with Neoclassical elegance! Original solid brass and iron hardware add to its authenticity providing the perfect touch of class.

Antique Bookcase 9Antique Bookcase 5 Antique Bookcase 4Antique Bookcase 8
Antique Bookcase 6
Antique Bookcase 7

Built for the collector, it still commands focus which brings refinement and harmony to any room!

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