How to Decorate an Antique Bookcase

Antique Letter EngravingAfter our clients purchase an antique bookcase or a display armoire I am often asked ~ how do I decorate my bookcase? First, what is the bookcase style?  I let the antique set the tone and direction of decorating.

Antique Decorated Library Bookcase

The bibliotheque (bookcase) we featured in this blog was crafted in the Louis XVI style, so we will use this as inspiration to bring in neoclassical elements to complement the design ~ the hand painted plates in soft classic colors, and use a Louis XVI style mantel clock set is focal element in the peace. The color is of great importance~ notice soft pastels and neutrals are repeated throughout the bibliotheque.  The rest is achieved in this case with antique books in similar colors to add continuity and texture.

Antique Accessories in Bookcase Detail Antique Bookcase Accessories

I love the patina of old books as they make a great foundation to the display in any library or bookcase.   The rest of the display’s impact is achieved with repeating and alternating textures.  With this particular piece being a three-door type, symmetry is of importance. In one or two door bibliotheques, after establishing a focal point, balance is the key.

Antique Bookcase Accessories

If you are using a collection of modern books as the foundation for a display, I recommend you group the books by color and size. Also make sure you edit your accessories. If family photos are used, frame them in similar frames of varying sizes.

Antique Bookcase Accessories

Antique Bookcase AccessoriesAntique Bookcase AccessoriesA bookcase is a great place to display a collection.  For example I collect antique boxes, and they are prominently displayed in our rosewood bookcase in the living room where we enjoy viewing the collection every day. This way the display brings a special meaning and visual appeal.

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