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W-1What an enchanting evening it was!  Design on Dragon, an annual event for antique showrooms, design showrooms and art galleries along Dallas’ storied Design District Mecca ~ Dragon Street ~ where the doors are open for a captivating night of antiques, art, food and wine, took place on October First.  The street was closed to traffic for the night so guests could enjoy a leisurely stroll while partaking in culinary delights, wine, and visual feasts inside galleries and showrooms all down the street.

Antique Accessories Fall Table Spread

We were blessed with perfect weather after a cool front moved in the day before.  The event is always open to the public so it was great to see old friends, and welcome new antique and art enthusiasts as they stroll down Dragon Street, mesmerized by enthralling surroundings and unequalled ambiance.  The wine flowed, the music played and everyone had a great time!


Inessa Stewart's Antiques Open House Design on Dragon

If you haven’t visited our Dragon Street showroom lately, Texas General Manager Don Nolan has been working tirelessly, first receiving a new shipment from Europe, then totally redesigning, arranging and decorating our Dallas Design District showroom for the event.


John Stewart and Guests Enjoying Inessa Stewart's Antiques Open House

The response from the attendees?  It looks amazing!  Of course I had fun with flower arrangements and the food; decorating and catering to my heart’s content.  We took these photos of the event along with some of the showroom vignettes to give our out-of-town friends (who could not attend) a peek at the festivities.  More photos are available on Facebook.


Antique Showroom Design on Dragon

We wish to thank all of you that attended for all of your kind comments, and we truly look forward to next year’s event!  Mark your calendar for next year and I hope to see you there!


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