Antique Christmas Giveaway!

Antique Letter EngravingHello antique and vintage devotees! It is once again time for the holidays, and in the spirit of the season we are in a giving mood.  Therefore we are starting the first of our Holiday Giveaways for this month by choosing one of our antiques from our fabulous online inventory.  This week’s Giveaway item is a lovely Antique Alsatian Earthenware Pitcher. One lucky reader will receive this antique pottery pitcher from France, from the Region of Alsace, just by following the directions below…

Antique confit pot Christmas giveaway

Handcrafted by talented Alsatian potters, then hand-painted with lively wildflower motifs this antique earthenware pitcher characteristic to the Alsace region of France. Glazed to perfection, such antique Country French pots were indispensable to every kitchen and dining room in this charming area of the country.  Circa 1880s.

Antique confit pot Christmas giveaway 2

To enter, just comment below with a treasured holiday item you love to bring out each year and like us on Facebook! For extra entries, follow us on Pinterest and Twitter and share this post on Facebook.

(Entrants must reside in the continental United States)

We will announce the winner at the end of next week! Check back with us frequently on Facebook, Twitter, and our Blog for future exciting Antique Holiday Giveaways!

Antique Flourish Engraving

Happy Holidays to All and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Evelyn Huckaby's Gravatar Evelyn Huckaby
    December 7, 2012    

    For my first Christmas married, both my mother-in-law and her mother gave me a Christmas ornament. The one from my mother-in-law was a small metal snowflake from DH Holmes, while her mother gave me a small glass, hand-painted bell from her own Christmas tree. For the last 25 Christmases, I have placed each of those ornaments front and center on our tree. My husband’s grand-parents are no longer with us, but every year, for a short season, I enjoy a small and precious memory from many years gone by.

  2. rondah's Gravatar rondah
    December 11, 2012    

    I have a musical carousel that goes around the tree that my grandchildren love. Like you on FB

  3. rondah's Gravatar rondah
    December 11, 2012    

    follow on Pinterest

  4. rondah's Gravatar rondah
    December 11, 2012    

    following on twitter

  5. Sarah Campbell's Gravatar Sarah Campbell
    December 11, 2012    

    My grandmother had a little ceramic music box of Jesus in the manger. I like to put it out and turn it on every once in a while to remember her love of Christmas!

  6. Giant Sis's Gravatar Giant Sis
    December 11, 2012    

    I have a crocheted candy cane my mom made. She passed away in 1984 (when I was 6), so it is very special to me!

  7. Giant Sis's Gravatar Giant Sis
    December 11, 2012    

    Following on pinterest (Giant Sis) and twitter (giantsis)

  8. Dean Warden's Gravatar Dean Warden
    December 12, 2012    

    Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love to transform our house with beautiful decorations and have family and friends over to enjoy our house. My favorite decoration that I look forward to bringing out every year is our nativity scene. I have a special place in our front living area that I set it up in every year. It is a wonderful handpainted porcelain nativity that I stage on an ornate gold framed mirror. The light from the lamp behind the table casts a wonderful light causing the nativity to “glow”…Merry Christmas!!

  9. Theresa Gregory's Gravatar Theresa Gregory
    December 13, 2012    

    I decorate everywhere and everything for Christmas! There isn’t a spot in my home that isn’t decked with pine, poinsettias, amaryllis, magnolia, holly and bows… LOTS of bows!! But the most special time is decorating the tree with all of the wonderful ornaments my daughter handmade over her school years, those unique ornaments we’ve inherited from our families, as well as all those we’ve collected on our travels… each brings with it a special memory as we add them one by one to our tree and share our thoughts with each other….. It’s such a wonderful and special family time! :) —— I follow you on FB!!

  10. Rosie Thompson's Gravatar Rosie Thompson
    December 20, 2012    

    Christmas is by far my favorite holiday! I love to decorate our home and enjoy having family and friends with us. We are back in our rebuilt home after we lost our entire home to a fire. It was such a sad time for us when this happened because we had lost everything and really missed all those treasures that our family had given us through the years (especially from family that are no longer with us). It is time to create new memories in our new home and over time everything new will become a lovely treasure in the years to come. People really don’t appreciate what they really have until it is is gone. Enjoy every moment we have on this precious earth – especially our families. Happy Holidays!

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