Antique Inspirations ~ A Thanksgiving Feast

Antique Letter EngravingOur holiday hospitality always centers around the dining table with sharing food and drink. Antique inspirations for our Thanksgiving table settings can help you relish the splendor of this glorious fall season!  Bring nature’s rich harvest to the table by preparing a simple and casual Country-Style buffet, table, or glamorous and enchanting dining room settings. If you are entertaining your family at your home during the holidays, I encourage you to make the feast memorable with just a few helpful hints. You will see in these beautiful photos what a remarkable difference using antique furniture and antique accessories can result with the splendor of dramatic tablescapes!

Antiques and Antique Accessories- Fall

Now is the perfect opportunity to make your guests feel how truly important they are. The creative energy and time you invest in designing memorable displays using antique and vintage items will bring an unforgettable ambiance and foment many precious memories.

Antiques and Antique Accessories- FallAntiques and Antique Accessories- Fall

Create a centerpiece that will impress your guests.  The captivating focal point of your table is a very important element.  Many centerpieces I design this time of the year are inspired by the vibrant fall colors of nature ~ some are intricate and complex; others are compositions that are simple, yet impressive. The abundant color palette of amber mixed with the antique patina and time worn elements of earthenware confit pots, dough bowls and copper pieces, can enhance the rustic appeal of such settings.

Antiques and Antique Accessories- Fall

Antiques and Antique Accessories- Fall

The displays and arrangements shot in our antique stores in Dallas and Baton Rouge that appear below were taken at events such as Inessa Stewart Antique’s Open Houses, and were designed to share our tips, ideas, and antique inspirations during this festive season.


From all the staff and family at Inessa Stewart’s Antiques we wish you and yours a most Happy Thanksgiving!

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Antique Harvest Flourish

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