Autumn’s Embrace

Antique Letter EngravingFor antique collectors, any change in season is the perfect excuse to use antique furniture and accessory finds to make a splashy tableau around a home, showing off their treasured collection. As we gather next week for Thanksgiving, we look for inspiration when creating table settings that express our own personal taste and the love we have for those with whom we share this special day. These creations are etched into our memories, gleaned from our personal collections and family mementos. Whether inspired by the rustic or more formal decor, antiques are an excellent starting point for our holiday table display.

Antique Furniture Table SettingAntique Furniture Table Setting

Make a perfect mix of rustic and refined by bringing in the element of nature with delicate wreaths on blue transferware plates topped with small pie pumpkins to heighten the autumnal appeal.

Antique Furniture Table Setting

Antique AccessoriesThis 18th Century Italian Madonna statue makes an eye-catching centerpiece for our celebration while adding a timeless and tender element to this table setting. The dusty miller, mums, berries, hydrangeas, lilies and roses in rusty hues complete this vibrant, seasonal tableau!

Antique Furniture Table SettingAntique Furniture Table Setting

Autumn’s Embrace by Inessa Stewart
As summer gives its way to fall,
It ushers cooler breath of winter.
We take joy in seasonal rebirth
With every shimmer of a leaf and in ever timber’s splinter.
The birch trees now dressed in amber
Scatter relics of summer’s luster
As we embrace these golden days, delighting in
The palette of every fruit and berry cluster.
Celebrating the bounty of autumn crescendos
Around the family table dressed with scarlet and gold,
We pleased to share the joys of the season
With feasts of harvest embracing us into ancestral fold.
Antique Furniture Table Setting
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 Inessa Stewart

Antiques in Style is a source of joy for me to create, and hopefully will be a source of inspiration for you! The variety, artistry and history of the antiques and vintage pieces that surround us every day provide pleasure, beauty and sometimes even intrigue.

The classics never go out of style, and each era, country, and even artisan's interpretations create an environment that is always full of surprises.

It is truly a pleasure to bring such timeless style together for every client and follower of my blog. And of course, your input is always welcome!

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