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Antique Furniture ~ Modern Function: Antique Benches as Coffee Tables

Antique French EngravingJust about every week we have clients coming in looking for specific antique furniture solutions to their interior design problems. Antique coffee tables are one of their most frequent requests. Yesterday I happened to see this stunning pin of the day photo posted by Traditional Home Magazine on their Facebook page. In the center of the photo is a bench; just like one we have in our Dallas antique store ~ perfectly positioned as a coffee table.

Antique Furniture Benches Traditional Home

I love using antique benches, ottomans, and large stools as coffee tables, as many top designers do now. With the desire for a relaxing and inviting home ~ they give you all the glamour of form with their seductive lines while adding the perfect amount of comforting space to prop your legs on after a long day! It is definitely one of those antique pieces of furniture you don’t have to feel bad about putting you feet on!

Filled with timeless statement pieces of antique furniture, this fabulous room is inspired by the effortless elegance of European Country manors,  reimagined in a modern show home by a talented design team blending antique finery with everyday comfort and beauty.

Antique French Furniture Upholstered Bench

This rare Antique French Louis XIV Upholstered Bench is perfect as an antique coffee table, it measures 21.5 High x 65.5 Wide x 27.5 Deep ~ ideal proportions in front of a large sofa.

Antique French Furniture Upholstered Bench

Antique Furniture French Renaissance Pair of Stools

This Pair French Gothic Stools, hand carved from solid oak in the middle of 19th century, gives you the flexibility to serve as coffee tables or provide additional seating at a moment’s notice.

Antique Furniture French Renaissance Pair of Stools

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Antique Furniture french armchairs benches coffee tables


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Antique Pin of the Week: Country French Fall Finery

Antique French EngravingThe inviting personality and comforting patina of Country French antiques and accessories are even more welcome this time of the year when we look for new ways to add instant warmth to our homes. The charming texture and depth of antique furniture, antique paintings, and copper layered with the masters’ touch are special additions to make your house into a home this holiday season!

Country French Antique Furniture

Country French Antiques Country French Antiques

Pin of the Week: Blue & White Antiques ~ Perfect for Summer!

Antique French EngravingWhile blue & white antique porcelain and transferware is fabulous year-round, it is an especially welcome antique accessory as the summer is heating up and we are looking for cool and light things for our home décor. From sky blue to deep cobalt to the deepest sapphire, the colors are captivating ~ and paired with white is like the perfectly refreshing cool, crisp feel of a sea breeze. These ancient colors of antique accessories can easily be incorporated into any home décor, from an elegant Parisian style to a cozy Country French interior. The colors blend well with Gustavian soft greys and French Provencal ochres. I am always scouring European estates and flea markets for great Blue & White antique accessories to bring to our stores. To view our New Arrivals, check out our china and ceramic section of our online antique store.

Blue and White antique accessories

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Have a wonderful summer!

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 Inessa Stewart

Antiques in Style is a source of joy for me to create, and hopefully will be a source of inspiration for you! The variety, artistry and history of the antiques and vintage pieces that surround us every day provide pleasure, beauty and sometimes even intrigue.

The classics never go out of style, and each era, country, and even artisan's interpretations create an environment that is always full of surprises.

It is truly a pleasure to bring such timeless style together for every client and follower of my blog. And of course, your input is always welcome!

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