Pin of the Week: Blue & White Antiques ~ Perfect for Summer!

Antique French EngravingWhile blue & white antique porcelain and transferware is fabulous year-round, it is an especially welcome antique accessory as the summer is heating up and we are looking for cool and light things for our home décor. From sky blue to deep cobalt to the deepest sapphire, the colors are captivating ~ and paired with white is like the perfectly refreshing cool, crisp feel of a sea breeze. These ancient colors of antique accessories can easily be incorporated into any home décor, from an elegant Parisian style to a cozy Country French interior. The colors blend well with Gustavian soft greys and French Provencal ochres. I am always scouring European estates and flea markets for great Blue & White antique accessories to bring to our stores. To view our New Arrivals, check out our china and ceramic section of our online antique store.

Blue and White antique accessories

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Have a wonderful summer!

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