Sometimes an Antique Stool is the perfect choice for a seat that can be tucked away easily, yet provide a modicum of comfort for such purposes that one would need in a bedroom or bathroom.  Also perfectly happy to serve as a footstool in your favorite seating group, Antique Stools can make a great decorative accessory that adds just the right touch of style and comfort to any room!


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Pair Renaissance Stools

Pair Renaissance Stools Measures 20H x 19W x 20D Circa 1870.
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Pair Italian Corner Chairs

Carved in the spirit of the Renaissance, this charming Pair of Antique Italian Corner Chairs features a half-moon shaped seatback supported by turned and finely carved posts and splats.  The turned legs mirror the armresst supports and the scrolled aprons have been carved as well.  The upholstery is serviceable but easily replaced in your coordinating...
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Italian Renaissance Vanity Bench

Carved from fine Italian walnut, this Antique Vanity Bench features an egonomically contoured seat, crafted long before the word even entered the American lexicon!  Acanthus plumes and rosettes combine with shells to form the principle adornment.  Upholstery is in very good condition but also easily replaceable in your coordinating fabric. Measures 20H x...
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Vintage Louis XV Painted Needlepoint Stool

Sculpted from French fruitwood then given a painted finish which has achieved a lovely patina over the decades, this Vintage Louis XV Painted Needlepoint Stool could be used as a vanity bench or just a decorative seat conveniently placed in the bedroom. The durable needlepoint tapestry provides just the right blend of naturalistic color and form to make...
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French Louis XV Walnut Vanity Bench

The kidney shape of the seat and the subtly scrolled cabriole legs set this Antique French Vanity Bench apart from the rest!  Carved with floral and foliate motifs, the apron and legs terminate with escargot feet.  The velvet upholstery is in very serviceable condition, yet easy to replace with your coordinating fabric.Circa 1890s. Measures 20H x 24.5W x...
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Antique Louis XV Painted Tapestry Bench

Featuring a gracefully scrolled framework supported by four cabriole legs, and subtle floral carvings, this bench boasts its original painted finish which has achieved an incredible patina over the decades. The wool tapestry upholstery is also original, and clearly indicates the durability of that type of fabric to endure the ravages of time. Circa...
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Pair Louis XV Rosewood Footstools

A rare find, this Pair of Antique French Louis XV Footstools were crafted from exotic imported rosewood and designed to last for centuries! Circa 1870s Each measures 20.5H x 18.5W x 14D
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Antique Italian Tapestry Vanity Stool

Crafted from fine Italian walnut in the manner of the Renaissance, this timeless vanity bench has been upholstered in meticulously woven tapestry fabric, created from 100% wool and dyed in vibrant yet classic colors. Beautiful realism has been attained in the floral pattern in the tapestry, accentuated by the Greek coin overlay cascading down each leg...
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Louis XVI vanity chair

Louis XVI vanity chair Measures 25H x 19 in diameter, seat 18.5H Circa 1890s

Antique French Empire Mahogany Footstool

Rendered from exotic imported mahogany by master French artisans, this footstool has been mounted with bronze ormolu in the manner of the First Empire, but during the reign of Bonaparte's successor Napoleon III. Original silk upholstery has not withstood the ensuing century as well as the luxurious wood and bronze, but is easy to replace. Circa 1860s....
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Antique Musician's Stool

The emphasis was on comfort to make this Antique Musician's Stool, with an overstuffed tufted seat atop a wonderfully carved center post, and scrolled & carved tripod legs to provide stability even on the creakiest wood stage floors! Circa 1880s. Measures 18.5H x 20 in diameter

Antique 2nd Empire Period Armbench

The armbench makes the perfect seat for the vanity, but its use spilled out into other rooms over time due to its combination of comfort and diminutive size. This example, rendered in France in 19th century from exotic and highly desirable  mahogany, features Empire motifs resurrected by Napoleon III to honor his uncle, with decided ancient Egyptian style...
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Footstool Upholstered In Needlepoint

Needlepoint, hand-crafted from pure wool, is known for its durability, and when woven into beautiful colors and designs like these flowers, makes the perfect upholstery or pillow!  This neo-classical vanity stool provides stable comfort in style, with ebonized legs tapered and fluted in the manner of the style, then accented in gold. Circa 1890s....

19th Century Italian Stool

Crafted from walnut at the end of 19th century for Italian home near Florence.  Circa 1880's. Measures 18H x 20W x 14D
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Armbench With Ram's Heads

Never before have we encountered such lifelike renditions of rams' heads as are found on this large scale armbench, with slat plank contoured seat and scrolled legs using architecture that dates back to ancient Egypt and Greece! Measures 26H x 30W x 26D, seat 14H Circa 1860.
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Louis XVI Painted Vanity Bench

Louis XVI Painted Vanity Bench Measures 26.5H x 28W x 16D, seat 19H.
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Louis XV Stool

Louis XV Stool Measures 19H x 20W x 19D Circa 1890.

Provencial Counter Stool

Provencial Counter Stool Measures 24.5H x 18W x 13.5D

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Antique French Louis XIII Armbench

Carved from solid French walnut, this Antique French Louis XIII Armbench includes the cushion as shown. Circa 1890's. Measures 26H x 25.5W x 15D; seat height 17 (with cushion).

Pair Antique French Louis XV Painted Stools

Sculpted in the rococo manner, this Pair of Vintage French Louis XV Painted Stools feature recent floral upholstery and the patinated painted finish highlights the foliate, shell and floral carvings perfectly! Circa early 1900s. Each measures 18H x 15 in diameter

Vintage French Louis XV Caned Stool

Add a charming accent to any room with this Vintage Louis XV Caned Stool, carved with shell and foliates on the apron and cabriole legs, which are connected with scrolled stretchers. Circa early 1900s. Measures 18.5H x 13.5W x 13.5D

Vintage French Louis XV Caned Stool

Add a charming accent to any room with this Vintage Louis XV Caned Stool, carved with shell and foliates on the apron and cabriole legs, which are connected with scrolled stretchers. Circa early 1900s. Measures 12.5H x 11.5W x 11.5D

Pair of Antique Gothic Vanity Chairs

Pair of Antique Gothic Vanity Chairs are just the thing if you need symmetry!  Subtle carved effects include capitals atop thelegs and ovoid finials flanking the moorish arch-inspired seatbak.  Upholstery is in good condition. Circa 1850s. Measures 31.5H x 19W x 19D; seat 19H

Antique French Louis XIV Musician's Stool

This Antique French Louis XIV Style Musician's Stool was meticulously hand-carved from select French walnut, and features tapered and carved column legs connected with double lyre stretchers.  Shell and foliates adorn the aprons all around, and the fully upholstered seat is affixed to a screw mechanism that when turned raises or lowers the seat height to...

Antique French Vanity Stool

Ideal for the vanity or powder room, this Antique French Vanity Stool emulates the design that dates back to ancient Greece and Egypt.  This variation, however, features straight and scrolled legs and stretchers, all completely carved with quatrefoil overlay and lion's heads! Circa 1870s. Measures 19H x 23W x 18D

Antique French Louis XV Armbench

Hand-crafted from fine French walnut, this Antique Louis XV Armbench cleverly conceals a bidet inside!  The perfect dual-purpose vanity bench when it was originally designed, it has been lavished with hand-carved detail on its undulating frame supported by graceful cabriole legs.  What an intriguing design! Circa 1860s. Measures 26.5H x 29W x 13.5D;...

Antique French Gothic Footstool

Sculpted from dense, old-growth French oak in the timeless Gothic manner, this footstool features carved embellishment over the entirety of its facades, including the insides of the legs, which are connected together with a turned stretcher. Elaborate foliates, moorish arches and fleurs de lys appear in the design, with a glorious quatrefoil rosette at...

Pair Antique French Louis XVI Painted Footstools

Perfect for adding panache with a touch of comfort to your seating group, this Pair of Antique French Louis XVI Painted Footstools feature a gold-highlighted painted finish that has achieved a lovely patina over the decades! Circa 1900-1910. Each measures 15.5 x 25 x 15.

Country French Vanity Stool

This charming Country French Vanity Stool features four subtly scrolled cabriole legs with carved bellflowers and stylized shell and escargots on the feet.  Cross-hatching, floral and shell motif appear on the gracefully scrolled aprons, with the center of the shell pierced through for visual appeal.  Velvet upholstery is in very serviceable condition,...

Antique French Louis XVI Walnut Footstool

Upholstered in neutral textured velvet, this classially styled pouf is perfect for providing comfort in style! Sculpted from fine French walnut, this stool boasts hand-carved embellishment and clean, tailored lines ideal for your formal entertaining or simply for relaxation with a good book. Circa 1900-1910. Measures 17.5H x 16W x 16D

Antique French Louis XIV Armbench

Ideal for the vanity, makeup table, or foot of the bed, this armbench was hand-crafted from fine French walnut and features a gracefully scrolled framework with contouring and carved acanthus leaf adornment. Durable tapestry fabric ensures decades of enjoyment. Circa 1900-1910.

Antique Louis XVI Painted Footstool

Superbly hand-carved from solid French walnut in the timeless classical style so admired by Louis XVI, this elegant footstool features spiral ribbon, beading and egg & dart molding that envelopes the framework. Tapered & fluted legs provide support, and the silk upholstery is in very good condition. The pastel painted finish has achieved a lovely...

19th Century Italian Giltwood Armbench

Hand-crafted in the rococo manner as only master Italian artisans can perform, this Antique Louis XV Giltwood Armbench was designed to work with the accompanying salon, or as a vanity bench. The graceful lines of the cabriole legs flow up into the armrest supports. Silk brocade upholstery is in serviceable condition. Circa 1890s. Measures 23.5 x 27.5 x...

Antique French Louis XVI Footstool

Antique French Louis XVI Footstool Circa 1890s. Measures 7H x 16.5W x 12D.

Antique French Louis XV Needlepoint Stool

Antique French Louis XV Needlepoint Stool blends color, texture and style to perfection! Circa 1900-1910. Measures 18H x 20W x 15D

Scallop Shell Harpist's Stool

Scallop Shell Harpist'S Stool Measures 25.5H x 17W x 18D Circa 1870

Pair Renaissance Stools

Pair Renaissance Stools Measures 21H x 19W x 19D Circa 1870.

Louis XV Musician's Stool

Sculpted from solid French walnut, this Antique Louis XV Musician's Stool features a plush padded faux-leather seat affixed to a screw mechanism that allows it to adjust to the height of the musician!  Fine hand-carved detail in the sumptuous walnut covers each of four cabriole legs, four aprons, four scrolled stretchers, and even the housing for the...

Small Carved Wood Footstool

Small Carved Wood Footstool Measures 5H x 14.5W x 9D Circa 1890.

Oak Chippendale Footstool

Antique Chippendale Footstool Measures 18H x 16W x 16D Circa 1890

Louis XVI vanity stool

Louis XVI vanity stool Measures 21H x 20W x 16D Circa 1880s

Renaissance Armbench with Lion Carving

A fantastic way to add a regal touch to any room, this impeccable Antique Italian Renaissance Armbench features four very lifelike lions' heads coupled with a tailored upholstery that is still somewhat serviceable.  Carved from fine Italian walnut, the realism of the sculpted lions' heads must be seen in person to fully appreciate.  The lions' paw feet...

Painted Swiss Footstool

This Antique Swiss Footstool features a painted top that is truly the essence of rustic charm!Circa 1870Measures 17.5H x 24W x 12.5D