Shhh! A Surprise Mother’s Day Guest Post

antique letter engravingUnbeknownst to my mother, Inessa Stewart, I decided to take over the blog today in order to bring you a selection of Mother’s Day gift ideas.  With Mother’s Day right around the corner, now is the time to treat the matriarchs of your family to one of a kind antique items.  Below is a selection of gift ideas tailored for a variety of hobbies and styles.  I hope you enjoy these selections and know that we have thousands more in stores and on our website ~ including crystal and antique vases to accompany and outlast those beautiful flower bouquets.

Culinary Antiques and Accessories

Treat the executive chef of your family to antiques that accentuate her exceptional palate.


Antiques and Antique Accessories

It's easy to create a relaxed yet elegant atmosphere for entertaining with antiques!


antiques and antique accessories

The working mother deserves a comfortable, professional space to take care of business.


antique accessoires

Tend to your mother's love for gardening with these nature inspired antiques!


antiques and antique accessories

Help your mother cozy up with her favorite novels with these one of a kind antiques. The piece at the bottom right is an actual antique library counter!


Antiques and Antique Accessories

For the outdoorsy leader of your pack!

I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to share a story about the mother figure in your life in the comments below or with us on Facebook.

Best Wishes and Happy Mother’s Day,

Rebecca Stewart

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