Antique Table Lamps

Whether converted from an oil lantern, a candlestick or a simply beautiful urn, the antique table lamp makes a perfect accessory that happens to also provide illumination! With the addition of hand-sewn silk shades, antique table lamps are perfect for any room.


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19th Century Mantel Urn Table Lamp

Crafted during the Belle Epoch with a charming cherub appearing on the outside of the elaborately detailed urn, this spelter mantel piece features its original multi-hued finish, and is set on a marble base with brass feet.  Newly wired, it sports a new hand-sewn silk shade. Circa 1890s Measures 26H x 12 in diameter; base 5 in diameter.

Brass Oil Lantern

Antique Brass Oil Lantern Measures 12.5H x 6 in diameter Circa 1860

Antique Brass Oil Lantern

Beautifully preserved oil lantern was considered a vast improvement over candles, without the messy wax drippings and smoke that the latter provided. Being formed from solid brass meant the lantern was very durable, as well. Circa 1850s. Measures 13 x 5 in diameter
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Antique Brass Oil Lantern Table Lamp

One of a collection of oil lanterns that we will offer as is or converted to table lamps by our expert in-house staff. Circa 1870s. Measures 24H x 7 in diameter
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Bronze Candlestick Table Lamp with Angel

This Antique Altar Candlestick was converted to an electric lamp, and will be rewired and fitted with a new shade. Circa 1870Measures 45.5H x 10 in diameter (before harp & shade)
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Antique Bronze Candlestick Table Lamp

This elegant Antique French Candlestick was cast in the timeless Baroque style from solid bronze, and has now been converted to a beautiful table lamp.  Perfect for adding just the right romantic accent and ambiance for any room! Measures 14.5H x 7 in diameter Circa 1870

French Bronze and Onyx Lamp

Neoclassical Style French Onyx Table Lamp features superb detail and natural beauty thanks to the luxurious combination of onyx and bronze.  The classic design works in most any formal and elegant setting. Measures 15H x 6W x 6D Circa 1930.

19th Century Vieux Paris Porcelain Oil Lamp

This exquisite hand-painted Viex Paris porcelain oil lamp features a bronze base and cap, and has been cleverly converted to electric lighting by our expert in-house staff, with the inclusion of a hand-sewn silk shade. Perfect for adding a splash of color even when it's not in use!   What is known as Vieux Paris porcelain has been created by over 30...
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Pair Antique Pediment Table Lamps

Expertly turned from 19th century pediments feature finely detailed carvings highlighted in their original warm patina, all rendered from solid timbers of old-growth French white oak. Painstakingly converted to table lamps by our expert in-house staff, each includes hand-sewn Belgian linen drum shades. These unique one-of-a-kind antique lamps will...
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Pair Vintage Chinese Vase Table Lamps

The perfect way to add Oriental flair and color to your decor, and in the bargain some extra illumination, this pair of Chinese hand-painted porcelain vases have been electrified to UL Standards and include hand-sewn silk shades. Sold as a pair. Circa early 1900s. Each measures 30 x 16 in diameter.
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Pair Antique Imari Oil Lanterns

To satisfy Western Europe's cravings for all things Oriental in the latter half of the nineteenth century, noted houses such as Imari obliged by sending items such as this magnificently preserved pair of oil lanterns, designed to add a colorful splash of accent during the day and welcome illumination in the evening. Fitted with bronze and brass base and...

Antique Brass Oil Lantern Table Lamp

Originally an oil-burning lamp, this interesting piece of history features a subtle embossed pattern on the brass reservoir, and at some point was electrified in Europe. We have rewired it to UL Standards and have fitted it with a hand-sewn silk shade. Circa 1880s. Measures 12 x 6.5 in diameter.

Antique Imari Table Lamp

Eminently popular during the latter half of the 19th century, fine Oriental porcelain was imported to the Continent, and some made its way to the workshops of Europe where talented artisans added their own touches. This example, adorned with cast bronze handles, base, and mantle fixture, was converted as an oil-burning table lamp. Now newly converted as...
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Napoleon III Period Porcelain Oil Lantern Lamp

Exquisitely hand-painted by master artisans, this porcelain oil lantern once graced a fine home, and now has been cleverly converted to electric lighting by our expert in-house staff, including a hand-sewn silk shade! Circa 1860. Measures 27.5 x 14.5 in diameter

Pair Gothic Lamps

Pair Gothic Lamps Measures 24H x 5W x 5.5 D Circa 1860.

Imari Lamp

Imari Lamp Measures 15.5H x 6 in diameter Circa 1890.

Antique Pewter Lamp

Antique Pewter Lamp Measures 24H x 13 in diameter with harp & shade, 16H x 7 in diameter without harp & shade

Antique Imari Vase Lamp

Originally imported from Japan as a vase, this beautiful specimen has been converted to an electric table lamp and includes a hand-sewn silk shade. Circa 1860s. Measures 23H x 11 in diameter with Harp & Shade; 13H x 7 in diameter without Harp & Shade

Antique Alabaster Table Lamp

Turned from solid alabaster, lamps such as this example were originally made popular at the turn of the century, and remain a very elegant way to light your room. Price includes wiring and hand-sewn silk shade. Measures 31H x 14W x 14D with Harp & Shade; 18H x 5 in diameter without Harp & Shade

Antique Italian Polychrome Candlestick Lamp

Hand-carved from solid wood then given a painted and polychrome finish with gold highlights! Price includes rewiring and hand-sewn silk shade. Venetian, circa 1870s. Measures 32H x 14 in diameter with Harp & Shade; 21H x 7 in diameter without Harp & Shade

Blue and White Transferware Lamp

Combining the classic look of blue & white transferware with modern electric lighting, this lamp was converted from an oil lantern to an electric lamp, with the addition of a hand-sewn silk shade.  Perfect for adding ambiance to any room!Circa 1880s. Measures 24H x 14.5 in diameter with shade; without shade 6 in diameter

Vintage Empire Style Onyx and Bronze Lamp

Meticulously crafted from onyx and cast bronze, this stunning table lamp was designed in the Empire style, recalling the glory years of Napoleon Bonaparte and his exploits into Greece and Egypt. As is the case with all our lighting, the price includes wiring to UL Standards and in this case, a hand-sewn silk shade. Circa 1920s. Measures 21 x 6 x 6 (before...

Pair Gothic Bronze Candlestick Table Lamps

Cast from solid bronze and rendered with brass shafts, the level of detail in this pair of candlesticks is truly remarkable. Crafted in the timeless Gothic style which has survived for well over a millenium, they will add an Old World touch to your decor. Painstakingly converted to table lamps by our expert in-house staff, and fitted with silk shades~...
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Italian Hand Carved Lamp

Italian Hand Carved Lamp. Circa mid 1900 Measures 12H x 6 in diameter