Renaissance/Gothic Armoires

No one will argue that the Renaissance antique furniture was a spectacular rebirth, yet the Gothic manner reigned as the premier formal decorative style for centuries. The diversity that exists between the two styles is amazing, so we provided a separate category. Here you can see Renaissance armoires from the heavily embellished early style to the more stylized and abstract later styles, as well as Gothic armoires both subtle and exceptional pieces of antique furniture.


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19th Century French Renaissance Armoire

19th Century French Renaissance Armoire was sculpted from dense, old-growth oak by master sculptors and craftsmen!  The boldly molded crown overlooks a bonnet lavished with a bold full relief heraldic crest flanked by intricate foliates and large rosettes which appear above the double threaded barley twist columns that extend all the way down to the...
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Antique Rustic Country French Painted Gothic Cabinet ~...

Antique Rustic Country French Painted Gothic Cabinet ~ Petit Armoire features a beautifully whitewashed cabinet, elegantly decorated with minimalist quatrefoil motifs reminiscent of Gothic architecture.  Cabinet doors open to an ample shelved interior and sit above a full-width drawer. This piece includes original hardware that creates stunning visual...
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19th Century Italian Renaissance Walnut Armoire

19th Century Italian Renaissance Walnut Armoire features a commanding presence thanks to the boldly carved panels framed by equally bold molded detail from the crown to the base.  Perfect for adding additional storage in any room, it is exceptionally shallow to create the smallest footprint possible on your floor plan.  The magnificently carved door...
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19th Century French Gothic Armoire

19th Century French Gothic Armoire is an unusual size, being almost five feet square.  The size makes it perfect for top floor rooms that have slanted roof configurations, or for under staircases.  An ideal choice also for the family room since you can put a big flat panel TV on top and everyone in the room will be able to view the screen with ease! ...
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Dutch Collector's Cabinet ~ 18th Century Renaissance...

18th Century Dutch Renaissance Cabinet is an unusual combination of exquisite craftsmanship, open shelving, cabinetry and timeless architecture!  Hand-carved from old-growth oak, it features a Grecian style crown with Delft tiles inset into the backsplash just underneath.  Two tiers of lavishly carved cabinets are flanked by open shelving with concave...
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19th Century Dutch Hand Carved Renaissance Raised Cabinet

NOW 60% OFF ~ 19th Century Dutch Renaissance Raised Cabinet was rendered from dense, old-growth quarter sawn oak, examples of which are on display in museums across Belgium and Holland that are over 1,000 years old!  This stunning example features hand-carved lions and gryffins with elaborately detailed molding and foliate & shell motifs enhancing the...
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19th Century French Gothic Carved Oak Bookcase

19th Century French Gothic Bookcase was meticulously hand-carved from solid oak in the timeless style that has enraptured Europe and the world since the middle of the 12th Century!  Intricate geometric designs combine with spiral fluted half-columns and stylized urns and foliates to create a splendid backdrop for your cherished collection housed within....

Early 19th Century Dutch Gothic Cabinet

Early 19th Century Dutch Gothic Cabinet makes a great choice where a little storage is needed in a cozy spot.  Hand-carved and crafted from solid old-growth oak to last for centuries, it features pegged mortise & tenon joinery and timeless Gothic carvings on the upper center stile surrounded by linenfold panels.  Hand-forged steel catches and hinges...