Antique Armoires

Originally used to store armor, hence the name, the antique armoire has evolved into the staple of antique furniture in interior design. For a time the only closet storage available in certain regions, antique armoires have transformed from necessities to beautiful works of art that add an incomparable selection of antique furniture, creating a central focal point to a room, all while possessing the ability house anything from clothing to entertainment centers to knick-knacks. The antique armoire is a very versatile example of antique furniture, and comes in a wide variety of shapes, styles, configurations and sizes, so we’ve divided them into four antique armoire categories for your convenience.  Find the best selection at Inessa Stewart Antiques Online Wholesale Antique Furniture!  OPEN TO THE PUBLIC!

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Early 18th Century Country French Armoire ~ Bookcase

This Early 18th Century Country French Armoire ~ Bookcase features elaborately carved detailing and a wonderfully patinaed painted finish.  Its stately elegance combines with it slightly rustic appeal to indicate the talented artisans who created it were truly gifted, indeed!  The bold, finely detailed rectilinear molding on the crown and base contrast...

Early 18th Century Country French Stripped Oak Armoire

Antique Country French Early 18th Century Stripped Oak Armoire has stood the test of time! This amazing antique furniture was completely hand-made from old growth French oak from the storied Loire Valley. Hand-crafted by talented artisans during the early years of the reign of Louis XV, it boasts a boldly molded crown presides over the finely molded doors...