19th Century Octagonal Dutch Brazier ~ Outdoor Cooker

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7H x 39.5 in diameter

Location: Baton Rouge


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19th Century Octagonal Dutch Brazier ~ Outdoor Cooker is a wonderful invention that allows one to use hot coals to warm up or cook items outdoors while enjoying fresh air and sunshine, or the nighttime stars!  The wooden hearth is eight sided, and crafted from walnut to both appear attractive as well as provide an insulated barrier surrounding the brass firepit.  The hand-hammered brass fire pit fits neatly into a hole designed into the wooden frame, which sets of legs at each of the eight points of the octagon, with a decoratively scrolled apron between each.  The brass firepit is also fitted with fancy brass handles held onto the rim with copper fasteners affixed with copper rivets, all done by hand!  Such an ingenious piece also makes a great planter or jardiniere should one prefer live plants to outdoor cooking.
Circa 1890s
Measures 7H x 39.5 in diameter