Antique Old Paris - Vieux Paris Porcelain Neoclassical Coffee Pot, Ca. 1860

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11H x 7.5W x 5D

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Old Paris - Vieux Paris Porcelain Neoclassical Coffee Pot. 

What is known as Vieux Paris porcelain has been created by over 30 different artisan factories in Paris and the area surrounding the city, beginning in the 1700’s and continuing through the 1870s. Remarkably, this porcelain usually has no identifiable marks, but the delicate nature of this china and its Parisian quality is unmistakable, and can be recognized by shapes, styles and decoration.  The height of production during the Louis Philippe and Napoleon III Periods saw the creation of decorative pieces that appealed to the elite of France, and that were found in the most lavish and fashionable homes, townhouses and apartments of Paris and throughout the countryside.

Measures 11H x 7.5W x 5D

Circa 1860.