Antique Wall Sconces

When a more permanent lighting is needed, the antique wall sconce, especially in pairs or groups, makes a superb addition to the décor while it illuminates otherwise difficult-to-light areas such as staircases and above mantels.


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Pair Antique Country French Wrought Iron Sconces

Artfully rendered by a talented blacksmith, this pair of Country French wall sconces are the perfect choice for your provincial or casual decor. Wired to UL Standards by our expert in-house staff, each is ready to add ambiance to your favorite room! Circa early 1900s. Each measures 11H x 11.5W x 5D
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Antique French Louis XIV Bronze Sconce

Antique French Louis XIV style bronze wall sconce exhibits exceptional detail including shell and acanthus leaf motifs, and scrolled arms. Cast from solid bronze, then chased by hand to bring out amazing detail, this sconce were styled in the manner and elegance of Louis XVI style, and is superb enough to adorn the walls of any antique chateaux. Rewired...
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Pair Vintage Wrought Iron Sconces

Featuring a delightful Country French flair, this pair of sconces were hand-wrought from red-hot iron, then fitted with acanthus petals to enhance the intricately scrolled lines. Electrified to provide light for decades to come! Circa early 1900s. Each measures 14H x 16W x 10.5D
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Italian Rococo Lighted Vanity Mirror Sconce

A splendid rare combination of artistically sculpted giltwood surrounding a sensuously shaped mirror that has the added bonus of a pair of candlestick lights, this artifact even has a convenient shelf upon which one can rest one's toiletry or beauty items while preparing for the day or evening. Wiring by our expert in-house staff, included in the price!...
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Pair Antique French Cast Brass Wall Sconces

Originally intended for candles, this pair of French brass sconces have been cleverly electrified by our expert in-house staff, and feature angels with elaborate headgear and intricate arms holding the chandelles. Circa 1870s. Each measures 12 x 11 x 7.5.
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Pair 19th Century Louis XVI Bronze Sconces

The stunning French neoclassical lines of Louis XVI style and eye-catching intricate bronze design of these 19th century sconces will add elegance and glamour of French romance to any room. The bronze castings are remarkably detailed in a beautiful patina. Newly wired for American voltage. Circa 1890's. Each measures 19.5 x 12.5 x 5.

Pair Tuscan Gilded Sconces

Pair Tuscan Gilded Sconces Measures 15H x 13 in diameter.

Pair French Bronze Louis XVI Wall Sconces

Pair French Bronze Louis XVI Wall Sconces Measures 14H x 8W x 5D.
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Pair Antique Wrought Iron Sconces

Hand-forged from wrought iron, this pair of sconces originally sported candles, but have been electrified by our capable staff. Fleur de lys motifs and an eye-pleasing flair have been enhanced by a painted finish that has mellowed over the decades to result in a rich patina. Circa 1880s. Each measures 12.5 x 13.5 x 5.5.

Pair Italian NeoClassical Gilded Sconces

Hand carved from solid wood then gilded to perfection, this pair of Italian wall sconces will add just the right amount of ambiance to your favorite room. Painstakingly electrified by our expert in-house staff, included in the price! Circa early 1900s. Each measures 16H x 14W x 8D
$588   $980
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Pair Brass and Crystal Wall Sconces

This pair of brass sconces have been playfully draped with crystals for a relaxed yet slightly formal look, perfect for a wide variety of decors. Measures 18H x 13W x 7.5D. Circa 1890s

Pair Bronze Sconces

Pair Bronze Sconces Measures 19.5H x 11.5W x 5.5D Circa 1890.

Pair Sconces

Pair Sconces Measures 14.5H x 10W x 5.5D Circa 1860.

Set Of 4 Sconces

Set Of 4 Sconces Measures 15.5H x 6.5W x 6.5D Circa 1860.
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Pair Sconces

Pair Sconces Measures 16.5H x 11W x 5.5D Circa 1940.

French 19th Century Renaissance style bronze wall sconces

A pair of Belle Epoque period brass sconces from France (circa 1890) of unusual design, these were cast from solid brass in the Renaissance style, and have been beautifully restored to their full potential~ featuring intricately cast framework, scrolled arms, and a norseman's head. The frame of each sconce possesses an abundance of intertwined vines,...
$795   $1,895
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Pair Antique Louis XVI Bronze Sconces

This pair of Louis XVI style sconces were cast from solid bronze to depict the classic carquois de flèches or quiver of arrows, with elegantly scrolled arms that emanate from the base to hold three chandelles each, providing more light than the typical sconce. Originally designed for candles, they will be cleverly wired to UL Standards, all included in...
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Vintage Louis XV Brass Sconce

Cast from solid brass in the rococo style, this elegant wall sconce will make the perfect addition to your lighting decor. Circa early 1900s. Measures 16H x 10W x 7D

Pair Gothic Bronze Sconces

Displaying a definitive Gothic style, this pair of Antique Bronze Sconces were originally intended for candles, but will be electrified.  The intricate detailing of each translates even into the arms and bobeches, with triple moorish arches and buttresses serving as the backdrop. Each measures 18H x 12W x 9D Circa 1860s
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Pair Italian Painted Wrought Iron Sconces

 Pair of Italian Wrought Iron Sconces were carefully crafted by talented artisans then painted with gilded highlights for a delightful Venetian effect the eye-catching intricate design crystals cast a romantic glow, when placed by a mirror or over a bed. 
A charming addition of opulent cut crystal drops beautifully refract and reflect. Circa early 1900s....

Pair Wrought Iron Sconces

This interesting Pair of Wrought Iron Sconces were fashioned from hand tools used by blacksmiths of yesteryear!  A pair of torcheres with twisted shafts were added, even a pair of horse shoes!  Perfect for achieving a whimsical or rustic ambiance! Measures 26H x 13W x 9.5D Circa 1930s

Pair Gilt Wood Sconces

Antique Pair Gilt Wood Sconces Measures 15H x 7.5W x 13D Circa 1890
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Pair Vintage Louis XVI Giltwood Sconces

Beautifully carved in a classic Louis XVI style, then given a gold finish which has achieved a wonderful patina over the decades, this pair of sconces are the ideal way to put the perfect finishing touch on any room. Wired to UL Standards, included in the price! Perfect companions to the chandelier viewable by clicking on the thumbnail below left. Circa...

Pair Rustic Sconces with Glass Bobeches

Intriguing combination of glass bobeches with brass makes this pair unusual and stylish! Wired to UL Standards, included in the cost. Sold as a pair. Circa mid-1900s. Measures 8H x 14W x 6.5D