Pair Antique Italian Rococo Hand-Carved Mirrored Wall Sconces

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31H x 15W x 6.5D

Location: Dallas


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Pair Antique Italian Rococo Hand-Carved Mirrored Wall Sconces will add flair and panache to any room!  Sculpted from solid walnut, each frame exhibits the exuberant presence of the Rococo, with stylized shell and foliate motifs carved on the entire frame.  Note the two sconces are designed as mirror images of each other, even though they are each hand-crafted and unique unto themselves.  Appropriately, the frame surrounds an asymmetrical mirror which in effect doubles the light output of the single sconce light mounted on an "S" scroll emanating from the upper portion of the frame.  Such augmented lighting effects have been used in Europe for centuries in the finer homes, dating back to the era of candle light which needed all the help it could get to illuminate a room.  Refined examples of this ingenuity can still be seen today in the Opera house at Versailles, for instance.  Newly wired to US Standards, the arms are fitted with chandelier-base sockets and realistic candlesleeve covers to complete the effect.
Circa late 1800s
Each measures 31H x 15W x 6.5D