18th Century Country French Trunk

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19H x 41.5W x 19.5D

Location: Dallas


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18th Century Country French Trunk is a marvelous reminder of the traditional craftsmanship so important to those living in the era, much to our distinct advantage in the 21st century!  Utilizing old-growth oak, the craftsmen fashioned the casework using hand-cut dovetail joints, then set about to carve the sides and front with large-scale Baroque-inspired motifs including stylized shell, foliate and cross-hatching on an intricately scrolled framework.  Originally intended to perform double duty as storage and seating, such examples are now coveted for use as coffee and cocktail tables, providing a timeless Old World look, plenty of surface and surprising storage in the bargain!  Note the old hand-forged iron handles on the ends, plus the hand-forged iron strap hinges that allow opening of the top.  Painstakingly stripped using our proprietary, non-toxic process that retains the natural beauty and patina of the wood.
Circa 1790s
Measures 19H x 41.5W x 19.5D