18th Century Dutch Colonial Trunk

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20H x 46W x 21.5D

Location: Dallas


18th Century Dutch Colonial Trunk is a remarkable example of Old World craftsmanship literally designed to last for centuries!  Rendered from seasoned, old-growth white oak, the craftsmen fashioned the casework using hand-cut dovetail joints, then set about to carve the sides and front with panels of symmetrical flowers surrounded by large-format fluting.  The top opens to reveal surprising storage, including a separate compartment intended for candles, a highly prized commodity at the time.  Note the workmanship that went into the forged iron strap hinges!  A handsome hand-cast brass key guard trims out the lockwork in front.  Originally intended to perform double duty as storage and seating, such examples are now coveted for use as coffee and cocktail tables, providing a timeless Old World look, plenty of surface and surprising storage in the bargain!  Painstakingly stripped using our proprietary, non-toxic process that retains the natural beauty and patina of the wood.
Circa 1780s
Measures 20H x 46W x 21.5D