18th Century Rustic Country French Trunk

2712-78227 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

27.5H x 55W x 23D

Location: Dallas


18th Century Rustic Country French Trunk features elaborate hand-carved detailing in solid old-growth oak on the facade, with a lid that opens up to reveal surprising storage!  Hand-crafted in the Alsace-Lorraine region, its style was influenced by multiple cultures, all completely hand-rendered.  Two hidden candle storage compartments indicate it was produced for a wealthy client, as candles were precious and expensive in those days.  Exquisite sunflower and foliate motifs surrounded by fishscale panels adorn the facade, all sculpted by hand.  Note the intricate hand-forged hinge hardware and handles.  Great as a coffee table, at the foot of the bed, or anywhere a functional seat/cabinet is desired.
Circa 1770s
Measures 27.5H x 55W x 23D