19th Century French Renaissance Trunk with Grape & Wheat Harvest

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32H x 52W x 23D

Location: Baton Rouge


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19th Century French Renaissance Trunk with Grape & Wheat Harvest is a remarkable testament to an obviously talented sculptor who immortalized three concepts with the hand-carved magnificence of two works of art!  On the left appears a bold relief sculpture of grape harvest with a high-walled harvester's basket designed to carry on the back as one works through the rows of vines, tossing the freshly picked fully ripe grape clusters over the shoulder.  Another basket bursting with grapes appears below that, with grapevines and leaves intertwined in the background.  On the right door we see a freshly cut bundle of wheat, positioned with ribbon alongside a hat, a gourd for water (used like a canteen) and a scythe, with foliates and wildflowers as a background.  The two works not only represent the wheat and grape harvest, but also the resulting bread and wine, staples of the French diet and culture.  Lastly, they hold a religious significance, representing the Last Supper.  They're framed by cornerposts featuring exquisite carvings and corbels, all enhanced by bold gadrooning and molded detail across the entire facade.  Hand-crafted from old-growth oak to last for centuries!
Circa 1860s
Measures 32H x 52W x 23D