19th Century Renaissance Hall Bench

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54H x 51W x 18D

Location: Dallas


19th Century Renaissance Hall Bench is a truly unique design that will surely captivate all who enter your home!  Meticulously hand-sculpted from solid old-growth sycamore, it features an unusual design that combines Italian flair with Teutonic architecture for an unforgettable effect.  The bold heraldic crest centered atop the seat back features an anagram of the letters A and B, undoubtedly the commissioner of the work.  Wolves' heads and acanthus flourishes surround the crest, with cascading intertwined foliates emanating from each side resting on the adjacent crown.  The crown consists of a fluted tier over an acanthus leaf gadrooning atop a repetitive, stylized shell tier which is atop Greek coin overlay, which is atop the seat back panel itself carved intaglio style with stylized flourishes in the naturalistic motif.  Another elaborate crest appears on the apron with scrollwork, shell, cross-hatching and a three-bladed form in an unusual expression of the fleur de lys symbol.  The legs are unusual, being mounted with scrolled corbels and splayed out with a subtle curvature then carved with a gadrooned border atop Greek coin overlay down to the tips of the feet.  The seat is hinged and raises up trunk-like to provide a modicum of storage.
Circa 1870s
Measures 54H x 51W x 18D