Antique Country French Hall Bench in Stripped Oak

2208-1850 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

38H x 41W x 16.5D; seat 18H

Location: Baton Rouge


Antique Country French Hall Bench in Stripped Oak represents a whimsical approach to the revival of the Renaissance style, as interpreted by handy rural artisans using what today would be considered primitive tools.  Created from solid old-growth oak, it has been stripped using our proprietary non-petrochemical process that retains the natural beauty and patina of the wood.  An elaborately scrolled crown traverses the seat's back, with carved detail on all the frameworks and of course the center splat.  Carved detail also abounds in the front of the piece, which for all practical purposes is a trunk from the armrest supports on down, complete with the seat that raises up to provide substantial storage.  The shallow design makes it handy for hallways, a critical feature in the original concept, which allowed for a seat to guests who arrived and were obliged to wait for the family member or homeowner to come to the front of the house to greet them.  This was in the days before one could call or email in advance!  Great for halls, entryways, even stairwell landings, or anywhere one needs a fanciful addition to one's decor, with a handy seat and storage in the bargain!
Circa 1900-1910
Measures 38H x 41W x 16.5D; seat 18H