Early 19th Century Swedish Painted Trunk

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22H x 46W x 24D

Location: Dallas


Early 19th Century Swedish Painted Trunk was hand-made to store a family's prized heirlooms, and decorated on the outside with charming whimsical rural motifs, including the owner's initials and the date of its creation!  Hand-crafted from solid pine, it was fitted with forged iron strap hinges and contains an internal candle compartment, with tiny drawers inside for matches!  Four scenic panels were painted, two on the top that have seen better days, and two on the front just below the aforementioned initials and date, which depict a fine country estate, complete with swans in the lake!  Wildflowers are interspersed along the panels, with the painted finish almost concealing the fine hand-cut dovetail joints.  Ideal at the foot of the bed, along a hallway, or even as a coffee table!
Dated 1832
Measures 22H x 46W x 24D