Grand 19th Century Flemish Renaissance Hall Bench

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67H x 67W x 20D; seat 17H

Location: Baton Rouge


Grand 19th Century Flemish Renaissance Hall Bench is a masterful creation by obviously very talented craftsmen, good enough to produce furniture for royalty!  Created on a larger scale than normal, it features a multi-tiered and convoluted crown molding presiding over the entire work.  The top tier under the crown represents a framework festooned with foliate scrolls and wildflowers that wraps down both sides as well, stopping at the armrests.  At the top corners of the framework appear beautifully sculpted reliefs of lions, while at the center a coat of arms protected by a pair of lions rearing on their hind legs.  The framework wraps around the gloriously carved seatback below, which consists of four upper panels with fanciful relief work depicting a variety of flora and fauna, with the two center panels fixed with busts of lords.  Four tailored linenfold panels appear below the finely carved panels, in an ode to the Gothic style from which the Renaissance style transitioned.  Matching linenfold panels appear on the sides and front of the trunk seat below, which lifts up for surprising storage opportunities.  Flanking the seat are a pair of armrests carved to depict mythical sea creatures with exaggerated dolphin's heads and scaled fish bodies scrolled around to create astounding visual interest!
Circa 1850s
Measures 67H x 67W x 20D; seat 17H

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