19th Century French Regence Confiturier ~ Vitrine

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41H x 27W x 12.5D

Location: Baton Rouge


19th Century French Regence Confiturier ~ Vitrine represents the essence of the pride in craftsmanship that has made such furnishings the envy of the world!  Utilizing dense, old-growth seasoned oak, a neoclassical architecture was chosen to form the casework with rectilinear lines, subtle molding around the top, and tapered legs.  For embellishment, however, the cabinetmakers were influenced by the Regence style, blending the best of the Louis XIV and Louis XV designs carved directly into the cornerposts, apron, drawer facade and cabinet door.  Motifs include wildflowers and foliates, with cross hatching on the scrolled apron.  The door is an artfully crafted violin shape with bowed munions that are themselves carved with foliates and a subtle fleur de lys!  The glazing allows one to admire what is on display inside the one shelf/two surfaced interior.  Brass hinges and finely cast key guards complete the look!
Circa 1850s
Measures 41H x 27W x 12.5D