19th Century Gothic Revival Homme Debout ~ Cabinet

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67.5H x 19W x 14.5D

Location: Dallas


19th Century Gothic Revival Homme Debout ~ Cabinet is the masculine answer to the feminine bonnetiere, and was designed to stand sentry just inside the door most used by the master of the house so that he would have a repository for hat, boots, gloves and the like immediately upon arriving home.  Nowadays, such diminutive cabinets can serve in any room especially in tight niches where a little style flair is desired, while still providing a modicum of storage.  Two doors allow one to organize the interior.  Outside, a gallery rail between two spires rests atop the small surface underneath which appears two beautifully carved doors stacked one on top of the other and flanked by carved pilasters on the cornerposts.  Geometric designs with naturalistic embellishments set upon moorish arch frameworks dominate the cabinet doors, which are mounted on exterior hinges for maximum ease of access.  Stylishly cast key guards complete the look.
Circa 1870s
Measures 67.5H x 19W x 14.5D