Antique Country French Corner Vitrine ~ Cabinet

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84H x 35W x 18D; 26 corner to edge

Location: Baton Rouge


Antique Country French Corner Vitrine ~ Cabinet is a special piece, indeed!  Hand-crafted from solid oak by master cabinetmakers, it features a two tiered design that provides display above and storage below, all with timeless provincial flair.  The arched crown is topped with a carved wreath of stylized shell with floral sprays, motifs repeated on the rounded corners on each side flanking the glazed upper tier and the solid lower tier.  The upper door opens wide on brass hinges to reveal three surfaces, with panels inside for added visual appeal.  An intricately cast brass key guard adds a nice touch, and is also used on the pair of cabinet doors below, also hung with brass hinges.  In between, a full width drawer opens to reveal a triangular storage space, fitted with a fancy cast brass pull and carved with complementary motifs.  The door panels continue the same theme, exhibiting fine molded detail and a double panel effect.  Doors open to reveal two surfaces below.  Scrolled apron and legs are also embellished with carved detail to round out the design.
Circa mid-1900s
Measures 84H x 35W x 18D; 26 corner to edge
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