Earliy 18th Century French Louis XIII Fruitwood Homme Debout ~ Bonnetiere

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86H x 47W x 24D

Location: Dallas


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Earliy 18th Century French Louis XIII Fruitwood Homme Debout ~ Bonnetiere is a timeless reminder of necessity being the mother of invention!  Most would agree the bonnetiere came first, allowing ladies to doff their headgear upon entering the home in a specially designed cabinet located near the most often used doorway.  Gentlemen soon realized that a variation would serve their needs more efficiently, with a cabinet on top for hats & scarves, a drawer for gloves, and a lower cabinet for boots and other outerwear.  Of course the French took the opportunity to embellish the design, and in this case created deeply carved door panels adorned with both the Maltese Cross and the Fleur de Lys in a striking visual pattern.  The drawer separating the upper and lower doors is merely adorned with molding and of course a ring pull mounted on a guard, all forged from steel like the barrel hinges for the doors, and their matching key guards.  A boldly molded crown and base provide a framework for the facade, while the side panels are unadorned except for the meticulous craftsmanship required to create chamfered raised panels to such a degree of quality.  Various fruitwoods were employed, with the old growth wood being thoroughly seasoned after harvesting from trees too old to bear fruit.  Note the square pegged mortise & tenon joinery, a marvel of hand-crafted excellence!
Circa 1730s
Measures 86H x 47W x 24D

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