Early 19th Century Country French Bonnetiere

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76.5H x 37.5W x 21D

Location: Dallas


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Early 19th Century Country French Bonnetiere is a splendid reminder of a bygone era, when cabinetry such as this was placed next to the entry most often used by family, and used to deposit outer garments immediately upon arriving home.  Named after the ubiquitous bonnet, such pieces still had to uphold the standards of interior decorating in the home, no matter how humble their purpose, hence pieces such as this wonderful example were created.  Essentially a miniature armoire, stout timbers and planks of old-growth oak were employed to create the framework, with special attention paid to the crown molding and the three molded panels on the sole door in the design.  The upper panel features an arbalette detail at the top, with an arched and mirror-image arbalette formed on the molding for the long center panel, and a tailored rectangular panel at the bottom just above the well-proportioned base molding supported by bun feet.  Of particular interest is the compass rose created from inlaid maple and walnut, indicating a maritime interest in the family.  Note also the fine hand-crafted steel barrel hinges and serpentine key guard, and the pegged mortise & tenon joinery throughout the design.  Finally, the lapped, rough-hewn planks of the back are a signature of cabinetry of the era.
Circa 1830s
Measures 76.5H x 37.5W x 21D

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