Early 19th Century County French Vitrine from Normandie

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77H x 27W x 17.5D

Location: Dallas


Early 19th Century County French Vitrine from Normandie is a classic example of the richly decorated keepsakes that have been a tradition in the region for centuries!  Sculpted from solid fruitwood, it features an amazingly complex yet artistic rendering of the Rococo style.  The asymmetrical aspects of the genre are immediately apparent on the crown, with offset stylized shell and foliage motifs which is continued on each of the sides.  Those three crowns overlook glazing that extends 2/3 of the way down the piece, completely surrounded by incredible carved detailing.  In the front facade, the glazing is also mounted to the full length door, and the panel below is an incredible work of the sculptor's art in the whimsical mood that is a hallmark of the province.  The scene depicts a well-dressed gentleman in the field with his trusty sheepdog and one of his charges taking a nap, while he plays the flute.  Richly carved with the landscaper's eye, the work is surrounded by a framework of shell, floral and foliate carvings.  The aprons below mirror the work done on the crown above, and the entire work is supported by four scrolled and carved legs tipped with escargot feet.  A full length steel barrel hinge supports the door allowing easy access to the surprisingly spacious interior, designed to display family keepsakes and heirlooms, as well as store certain items discreetly behind the sculpted panel at the bottom.
Circa 1830s
Measures 77H x 27W x 17.5D

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