19th Century Hand-Painted Ceramic Inkwell from Rouen

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2H x 4.5W x 4D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century Hand-Painted Ceramic Inkwell from Rouen is a charming artifact from a bygone era!  The region around Rouen has been known for centuries for its fine hand-painted porcelain-like ceramics, and this example is a highly unusual one.  Consisting of three parts, it has a large vessel that is elaborately painted in vivid colors typical of the region that contains two holes for accidental overflow from the actual inkwell, which is a separate and removable vessel, that even has its own lid, which is also meticulously hand-painted.  The vivid earth tones retain their vibrancy thanks to the proprietary glazing techniques developed in the region over the years.  What a wonderfully decorative artistic item, and especially an instant treasure to the journalist in your family!
Circa 1880s
Measures 2H x 4.5W x 4D