Antique Paper Cutter by Eastman Kodak

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3H x 11W x 12D

Location: Dallas


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Antique Paper Cutter by Eastman Kodak is a charming reminder of a bygone era, when photography consisted of film, negatives and developing images in dark rooms.  After printing, the photos would be cut up on such a device, designed to line up the paper at precise right angles for clean, consistent cuts.  Sized smaller than most typical office paper cutters, it was designed for 8 x 10 glossy prints on down to wallet size photos.  Solid cast iron and plywood construction.
Eastman Kodak out of Rochester in the State of New York, was founded in 1892 and dominated the photography industry until the dawn of digital images, after which it begrudgingly joined the inevitable tide of progress, but by the time they did so it was too late.  A series of bankruptcy filings later, the company is only a shell of its former glory.  This cutter therefore represents a slice of history, pun intended!
Circa 1950s
Measures 3H x 11W x 12D