Set of 3 Antique French Brass Letter Openers

2203-22149C (Click to Inquire About This Item)

8H x 1.5W

Location: Dallas


Set of 3 Antique French Brass Letter Openers hark back to a bygone era, long before emails and texting, and even the telegraph, when the only way to communicate with the written word was by hand-written letters or later, typed letters.  The physical communication method lends itself to revealing facts about our history that would not have been so easily available had the digital age dawned sooner.  These fanciful letter openers came from a collection, and illustrate the magical whimsy expressed as an art form that was developed for letter openers.  One features a young bear, with exquisite foliates on the blade, another a pet cat over a slender dagger form, and the third a bird's foot over a feather for an intriguing trio of memorabilia, all cast in solid brass to last for generations!
Circa 1890s
Largest measures 8" long by 1.5" wide.
Medium size measures 8" long by 1" wide.
Smallest measures 6.5" long by 1" wide.