18th Century French Louis XIV Bookcase ~ Bibliotheque

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86H x 68W x 24D

Location: Dallas


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18th Century French Louis XIV Bookcase ~ Bibliotheque is resplendent with artfully sculpted bas relief across its entire facade!  This superlative instant family heirloom is sized to sufficiently display almost any prized heirlooms, collection, or library!  Hand-crafted from solid old-growth quarter-sawn oak, it boasts a reverse contoured crown with four distinctive tiers.  The top tier was carved in French egg & dart, over a concave segment that is boldly recessed, curving out again to the third tier carved with repeating shell motif, and finally a drapery design all the way across.  The crown is situated above 18 panes of old hand-rolled glass, with each door surrounded by carved pilaster frameworks depicting shell, crest banner and foliate motifs.  The original brass key guards with fleurs de lys are a nice touch.  Below, the sculptors truly showed their talents, with each door framed by the same pilaster design, and featuring an arched frame within the frame, decorated with stylized floral, foliate and shell motifs for a stunning effect. There's even two interior drawers for added convenience.  Guaranteed to become the focal point of any room in the home or office!
Circa 1780s
Measures 86H x 68W x 24D
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