18th Century Swedish Whitewashed Bookcase ~ Display Cabinet

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88H x 71W x 20D

Location: Baton Rouge


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18th Century Swedish Whitewashed Bookcase ~ Display Cabinet will make a charming addition to your rustic or casual decor!  Hand-crafted from old-growth oak during the Gustavian Period, it features tailored architecture that includes an arched crown below which the upper glazed doors follow the arched form, and open to provide access to the spacious display space above, which includes two shelves for three surfaces.  The lower cabinet features three doors, the outer two of which also have two shelves and three surfaces but the center door opens to reveal three bin-size interior drawers.  Note the hand-craftsmanship performed by talented artisans using time-honored techniques but with tools that today we consider primitive.  Even the hand-forged steel locks, ring pulls and key guards are all carefully crafted by hand to last for generations.  Note the hand-hewn construction of the back, rendered from solid oak for centuries of enjoyment!
Circa 1780s
Measures 88H x 71W x 20D