19th Century Dutch Renaissance Open Bookcase

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90H x 71.5W x 20D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century Dutch Renaissance Open Bookcase was designed to impress on a variety of levels!  First, only the affluent could afford an education sufficient to warrant the ownership of expensive books.  Secondly, the books were indeed expensive.  Lastly, having a case to display them that was elaborately and expensively crafted served to create the ultimate status symbol of the 1700s and 1800s.  This bookcase fills all those needs with an ingenious adjustable shelf system supporting five shelves for a total of six surfaces.  Flanking both sides of the open shelves are cornerposts with segmented fluting separated by pyramidal mounts ebonized for contrast.  At the top of the opening appears stylized ebonized embellishments including half-scepter motifs.  Below the casework is an intricate design starting with ebonized decorative mounts and transitioning into styilzed forms meticulously cut with coping saws to create artistic patterns, blending into the three boldly formed legs.  Six recessed panels appear on each side, surrounded by chamfered framework ensuring visual appeal from all angles.  However, the crown truly steals the show!  Starting with another horizontal ebonized-accented trim piece, it flares elegantly out with a magnificently styled frieze carved in bas relief with elaborate, artistic foliate scrollwork across the entire facade.  Above the frieze appear multiple tiers of decorative molded detail, continuing the outward flare to create a magnificent crown that succeeds admirably in impressing all who enter the room with utter aplomb!
Circa 1870s
Measures 90H x 71.5W x 20D
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