19th Century English Mahogany Bookcase

2001-912244 (Click to Inquire About This Item)

84.5H s 39.5W x 17D

Location: Baton Rouge


19th Century English Mahogany Bookcase is a stellar example of the genre, with neoclassic styling in an interpretation that is purely British!  The multi-tiered crown is adorned with a bas relief pattern of alternating quatrefoils and four-pointed stars overlooking the upper glazed doors which have interesting half-arched mullion patterns.  The shelves within are fully adjustable allowing one to display anything with aplomb!  A pair of drawers separate the upper display from the surprisingly capacious lower storage cabinet, which is accessed by two doors that have been adorned with a bordering that complements the crown above.  All four cabinet doors are externally hinged for maximum ease of access.  Brass pulls, key guards and internal lockworks indicate the high quality of the piece, further accentuated by the luxurious and exotic imported mahogany that has been a favorite wood of the finer furniture crafters for centuries.  Sculpted legs for the base.
Circa 1880s
Measures 84.5H s 39.5W x 17D