19th Century English Mahogany Bookcase ~ Curio Cabinet

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75H x 38.5W x 14D

Location: Dallas


19th Century English Mahogany Bookcase ~ Curio Cabinet represents the epitome of understated elegance for which the English were so well known during this period!  Utilizing exotic mahogany imported from the Americas, they fashioned this tailored, rectilinear casework using only fine molding detail, corbel style feet, and an intriguing geometric glass pane style that catches the eye.  The sheer natural beauty of the wood shines forth, and the design is also quite shallow making it very friendly to traffic patterns in the room.  Perfect for displaying and keeping small to medium sized books, such cases were also used in other rooms to display collections, keep special serving pieces, and generally serve as a miniaturized showcase for items the family cherished.  The hand-rolled "wavy" glass is also immediately apparent, lending even more charm to the piece.  Three shelves above and one below combine with the floor planks to make six surfaces, with hinges set so that the doors open wide for easy access.  Ideal for just about any decor!
Circa 1890s
Measures 75H x 38.5W x 14D