19th Century French Gothic Revival Walnut Bookcase ~ Bibliotheque

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97H x 54W x 19.5D

Location: Dallas


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19th Century French Gothic Revival Walnut Bookcase ~ Bibliotheque is a study in craftsmanship that transcends mere cabinetmaking into the realm of art!  Of course, it is a stellar display case for your books or other collections and memorabilia, especially when considered with the four fully adjustable original shelves that create five surfaces for storage and display.  However, the detail to which the panels were bookmatched from the luxuriously figured prime French walnut, combined with the sculpture that appears at the top and center sections, make this a one of a kind masterpiece.  The fully laden grapevines depicted in bands across the crown and on the doors separating the glazed upper section from the paneled lower section must be examined closely to be fully appreciated.  The depth and realism of the carving is incredibly lifelike.  The cornerposts are also adorned with diagonally oriented pilasters topped with spires intricately carved with foliate flourishes in a definitive expression of the style which dates to the middle of the 12th century in France.  Both the upper and lower door panels are configured with arches in various forms, only adding to the allure.  Note the incredibly fine crown molding and the care taken in selection and positioning of the sumptuous walnut panels.  Amazing!
Circa 1850s
Measures 97H x 54W x 19.5D
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